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Personal Care

With a 75-year history of innovation and growth, Acme-Hardesty has evolved into a leading distributor of bio-based products and specialty ingredients for the Personal Care industry. Our dedicated personal care team offers formulation expertise paired with a rapidly growing product portfolio, allowing us to partner with our customers and develop innovative solutions to their formulation challenges. From hair care to skin care and everything in between, the ingredients Acme-Hardesty provides are essential for manufacturing quality personal care products.

Sustainability has been a key focus for our business since the beginning. We concentrate our sourcing efforts on renewable resources sourced using sustainable methods to deliver green, naturally derived ingredients to our customers.  We work closely with our suppliers to make sure all our ingredients are safe and reliable to provide our customers the most value possible. From oleochemicals and surfactants to specialty ingredients and preservatives, Acme-Hardesty offers the ingredients you need, all ethically sourced and guaranteed high quality.


Acme-Hardesty offers a wide range of fatty acids, fatty alcohols, methyl esters, and other oleochemicals sourced responsibly from producers around the world.

The palm oil and PKO-based products are available as RSPO Mass Balance

logo_rspo_13165Acme-Hardesty is a member of the RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil). Check out our progress

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Acme-Hardesty is your single source for high quality, sustainable oleochemical products made from natural and renewable raw materials. As a leading oleochemical supplier, we pride ourselves in providing sustainable resources to manufacturers across the world. We’ve been working with sustainable products for over seven decades and supply more than 20 products certified by BioPreferred® and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). We offer a wide variety of fatty acids, methyl esters, fatty alcohols, metallic stearates, glycerin, and more! If your company is interested in using oleochemicals, Acme-Hardesty has the right oleochemical for you.


Our extensive line of preservative ingredients covers everything from classic preservation systems to natural and custom solutions to meet our customer’s needs in the ever-changing personal care market.

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Acme-Hardesty is proud to partner with Sharon Laboratories to offer our customers a variety of innovative preservative solutions. For over three decades, Sharon Laboratories has been effectively providing preservative solutions for the entire personal care industry: skin care, hair care, oral care, baby care and more, meeting industry and consumer trends. As one of the world’s largest producers of preservation solutions, Sharon offers classic preservation systems, “preservative free” options, easy to work with liquid blends, and innovative ingredients which answers the worldwide growing demand for green and natural cosmetic formulations.

EnSense™ Esters

Our range of esters and emollients help protect, renew, moisturize, and revitalize skin and hair while offering superior sensorial properties to your finished product.

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The EnSense™ Ester platform of ingredients provides a variety of benefits, such as improved barrier function of the skin, increased moisturization, reduced soaping effect, improved slip and glide, softening and smoothing. In formulation, they also function as solubilizers and pigment dispersing agents. Esters in general are smoother feeling, less oily and lighter than their fatty alcohol and fatty acid counterparts. The physiochemical properties of each ester contributes to their performance characteristics, providing sensory benefits that can be translated in a light, medium, or heavy feel. The EnSense™ platform of ingredients are derived primarily from natural sources. The EnSense™ Emollient Esters are categorized by the sensory they impart into a formulation, and each of these materials can help create sophisticated and unique feeling finished formulations.


Acme-Hardesty offers a full line of surfactant chemistry to deliver luxurious foam and superior cleansing performance to your personal care products.

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Acme-Hardesty offers a variety of surfactant chemistries for the personal care industry.  These powerful cleansers have excellent foaming and lathering properties and can be used in a range of shampoos, conditioners, shower gel, liquid hand soaps, and more.

Specialty Ingredients

We know how significant high-quality, functional ingredients and innovative technologies are to our customers. That’s why the Acme-Hardesty team is constantly bringing on new, cutting edge ingredients into our portfolio.

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Acme-Hardesty delivers unique ingredients and solutions to our customers to help them to boost performance and purity of their products. We provide our customers ingredients that meet the highest quality standards in personal care, including sustainable, bio-based products safe for people and the environment. From face creams  and hair treatments to cleansers and shower gels, we strive to find new and innovative technologies to help set our customers apart from the rest.

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Whether you need personal care/cosmetic emulsifiers, thickening agents or emollients, Acme-Hardesty has the right oleochemical for your needs. Our bio-based fatty acids, fatty alcohols and glycerine serve many purposes in the manufacture of personal care and cosmetic products. Fatty acids are used as emollients and thickening agents, and when mixed with glycerine, they perform well as a cleansing agent. Our fatty alcohols are used as surfactants as well as emulsifiers, emollients and thickeners.

The personal care industry produces consumer products for hygiene and beautification purposes. This includes subsections like the cosmetics and skincare industries and spans products including makeup, toiletries, moisturizers, shaving creams, facial tissues, deodorants and soaps.

The global market for the personal care industry is highly stable — it’s even expected to see growth in the next few years as population continues to expand. By itself, the market is expected to experience average growth over time in the United States, while overseas growth is expected to expand, especially in developing locations, as urbanization and the amount of disposable income continue to grow.

Acme-Hardesty can help you achieve your growth goals with our bio-based products. We firmly believe in the power of bio-based products, and we provide nothing less than responsibly sourced, sustainable products. As your demand grows, we’ll continue to provide ethically sourced solutions to meet your needs. That’s why you should choose Acme-Hardesty as your personal care ingredient supplier.

Personal Care Chemicals

A range of chemicals is used within the personal care industry for everything from emulsifiers and emollients to surfactants and thickeners. Acme-Hardesty provides a range of them, all ethically sourced and guaranteed high quality. All our palm-based Glycerine and Oleochemicals are non-GMO, allergen free and BSE free.

Also, we offer biodiesel Glycerine made primarily from Soybeans, Industrial/Technical Grade material, and Soap Lye Crude Glycerine.

Examples of our products for personal care and cosmetics manufacturing applications include:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)

Jamaican black castor is made by gently roasting the castor beans and processing them to preserve the ash content. Jamaican black castor oil’s hydrating, nourishing, and cleansing properties make it essential for healthy skin and hair. Its natural moisturizing abilities are ideal for providing softness and shine to otherwise coarse hair. The omega fatty acids in JBCO also provides several benefits to the skin, such as helping clear skin and tighten the pores.

Decyl Oleate

Decyl Oleate is a medium polarity dry emollient with a medium spreading value that can be used to reduce tackiness in skin care formulations. Decyl oleate creates a thin, non-greasy film that is light on skin and gives it a smooth, soft appearance. Typical applications for decyl oleate include face cream, body lotions, sunscreens, conditioner, and eye creams.

AHCOHOL 1618 (Cetyl Stearyl/Cetearyl Alcohol) 

Cetyl stearyl alcohol is a precise combination of 16 cetyl alcohol and 18 stearyl alcohol and is derived from both natural and man-made sources. Our cetyl stearyl is a vegetable-based product used for various manufacturing applications. In terms of personal care product manufacturing, cetyl stearyl works as an emollient and as a thickening agent in hair conditioners, lotions and skin creams. Our cetyl stearyl product is also allergen- and GMO-free. We sell AHCOHOL 1618 in pastille and liquid form packages in bags and isotanks.

Isopropyl Palmitate (IPP)

IPP is a derivative of palmitic acid and isopropyl alcohol and is produced in the form of a colorless, odorless liquid. We offer a vegetable-based IPP product that contains a minimum of 90-percent C16 esters. Leading cosmetic and personal care products manufacturers use our IPP formula as a cosmetic emollient, thickening agent and moisturizer. We offer IPP liquid for sale packaged in drums. Our IPP also has a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture.