Sodium Stearate

Inci Name:

Sodium Stearate

Chemical Name:
Octadecanoic Acid Sodium Salt

Sodium stearate is an octadecanoic acid sodium salt that can be derived from either animal or vegetable sources.

Acme-Hardesty sells both tallow-based and vegetable-based sodium stearate for use in a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes. Our NF-grade products are sold by the bag in both powder and flake forms. Place your order through our online store, or contact our office directly to request a quote or more information.

Acme-Hardesty sodium stearate has a two-year shelf life when stored at ambient temperatures. Our product is guaranteed to have a minimum 40 percent C18 and a minimum 90 percent C16 and C18 combined. It is completely free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The vegetable-derived version contains no animal products. Additional usage information can be found in the product data sheet, which is available for download on this page.

Sodium Stearate Uses & Applications

Sodium stearate is a versatile material used as an emulsifier, dispersant, gelling agent, stabilizer, binder, viscosity modifier and more. It is a major component of many soaps, cosmetics and food additives.

Acme-Hardesty is a leading supplier of sodium stearate for some of today’s most demanding industrial customers. Our vegetable-based and tallow-based products offer identical chemical composition and properties, making either a great choice for your application.

  • CASE: Emulsifier and Dispersant in Latex Paints; Additive to Inks
  • Cosmetics: Stabilizer, Viscosity Enhancer and Dispersant for Liquid Make-Ups
  • Flavor and Fragrance: Flavor Additive with FDA Approval; Viscosity Modifier in Gelled Fragrances
  • Food and Beverage: Food Additive with FDA Approval
  • Personal Care: Emulsion Stabilizer, Gelling Agent, Stabilizer, Binder, Viscosity Modifier, Thickener and Dispersant in Stick
  • Deodorants, Liquid and Bar Soaps, Skin Cleansers, Bath and Shower Gels
  • Plastics: Stabilizer and Plasticizer in the Production of Plastics; Lubricant in Polycarbonates and Nylons
  • Rubber: Lubricant and De-dusting Agent in Rubber Production
  • Soaps and Detergents: Emulsion Stabilizer, Gelling Agent, Stabilizer, Binder, Viscosity Modifier, Thickener and Dispersant in Laundry Soaps and Other Cleaning Products

Product Details

NF, Veg, Tallow, Powder, Flakes


Storage and Handling Recommendations

Sodium stearate is safe to handle and store under normal conditions. Its powder form presents an explosive hazard, and should only be handled while wearing a respirator. Gloves and other personal protective equipment should be worn at all times, as well as antistatic working shoes.

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