Lauric Acid (C12)

Chemical Name:
Dodecanoic Acid
  • Product Details & Information

    Lauric Acid is a versatile oleochemical with applications in everything from plastics to personal care. Found in numerous plants including the palm tree and cohune palm, as well as in coconut oil, palm seeds, betel nuts and macadamia nuts, Lauric Acid is classified as a saturated fat featuring a 12-carbon atom chain. There are some researchers who believe that Lauric Acid may be safer than trans-fats when used in food preparation.

    Lauric Acid is a white, powdery solid that exhibits a slight odor reminiscent of bay oil or soap. As with most fatty acids, Lauric Acid is non-toxic, making it safe for use in a wide range of applications. Additionally, Lauric Acid is relatively inexpensive, making it a popular ingredient in manufacturing processes where cost is a key consideration.

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  • Uses & Applications

    The numerous Lauric Acid uses include:

    Plastics: In plastics manufacturing applications, Lauric Acid serves as an intermediate, which is substance formed during the middle stages of a chemical reaction between the reactants and the finished product.

    Food and Beverage: One of the more common uses of Lauric Acid is as raw material for emulsifiers in various food and beverage additives, particularly in the manufacturing of vegetable shortening. Its nontoxicity also makes Lauric Acid safe for use in food production.

    Surfactants and Esters: When used as anionic and nonionic surfactants, Lauric Acid has the ability to reduce surface tension between liquids and solids.

    Textiles: Lauric Acid works well as a lubricant & process agent in textile manufacturing applications, as it has the ability to help water mix with oil.

    Personal Care: One of the more common Lauric Acid uses is as an emulsifier for facial creams and lotions, as it possesses a strong ability to cleanse skin and hair. It is also easy to wash away after use. You can find it in many personal care products such as shampoos, body washes and shower gels.

    Soaps and Detergents: When used as a base in the production of liquid and transparent soaps, Lauric Acid can control the level of lathering, add conditioning properties and enhance overall cleaning ability.

    Medical: Lauric Acid can be found in a variety of medicines used for treating viral infections, certain forms of influenza, fever blisters, cold sores, bronchitis, yeast infections, gonorrhea, genital herpes and many others. However, there is insufficient evidence to determine its overall effectiveness in treating these conditions. Preliminary research also indicates that Lauric Acid may aid in the treatment of acne as well.

  • Grades and Forms Available

    Kosher, Flake, Liquid

  • Packaging

    Bags, Isotanks. Our FGK Lauric Acid Flakes are also available in 50# bags in our Online Store.

  • Shelf Life

    One Year for Liquid Bulk and Two Years for Packaged from Date of Manufacture when stored according to MSDS recommendations

  • INCI Name

    Lauric Acid

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Sales Specifications of Lauric Acid 99% FGK Flakes

ParametersSpecificationsTest Methods
Acid Value 279 – 281 AOCS Te 1a-64
Saponification Value 280 – 282 AOCS Tl 1a-64
Iodine Value 0.2 max AOCS Tg 1a-64
Titer, ºC 43 – 44 AOCS Tr 1a-64
Color, Lovibond 5.25” 2.0Y / 0.2R AOCS Cc 13b-45
Fatty Acid Composition %
C10 1.0 max AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
C12 99 min AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
C14 1.0 max AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
Specs & SDS of Lauric Acid 99%