Methyl Paraben

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Benzoic Acid, 4-Hydroxy-, Methyl Ester or Methyl-4-Hydroxybenzoate

Methylparabens are the most commonly used preservatives in personal care products. Other commonly used names for parabens include Methyl Hydroxy Benzoate (or Methyl Hydroxybenzoate), Benzoic Acid, 4-Hydroxy-, Methyl Ester or Methyl-4-Hydroxybenzoate. While the many paraben names may lead to confusion, they all refer to the same oleochemical product. Methyl Paraben comes from certain plants, particularly the thale cress, a small flowering plant found in Eurasia.

The main benefits of using Methyl Paraben products are that they are non-irritating, have low toxicity levels, and are active against a wide spectrum of fungi and bacteria at low concentrations. It is the ability of Methylparabens to act as an anti-fungal agent that makes them so valuable in the manufacturing of personal care products and cosmetics — and even as a food preservative.

Acme-Hardesty offers Methyl Paraben, a white crystalline powder that is primarily used as a preservative in the manufacture of personal care products and cosmetics. As a reputable distributor of oleochemicals for more than 70 years, you can trust us to distribute only the highest quality, safest Methyl Paraben products on the market. You can purchase small quantities of Methyl Paraben packed in 55# cartons at our convenient online store on a 24/7 basis, or contact us for a quote on larger quantities. As there are many different names of parabens, feel free to contact us if you are not sure if what you are purchasing is actually a Methyl Paraben product.

Read on to learn more about the many uses of Methylparaben, as well as the various grades and forms and packaging options available at Acme-Haresty.

Uses & Applications

  • Personal Care
    Another typical use of Methylparaben is as a preservative in toothpaste and other personal care products such as hair care products, skin lotions and shaving creams. As with using Methylparaben in cosmetics, its primary purpose is to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Cosmetics
    The most common use of Methylparaben is as a preservative in mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow. When used in this manner, Methylparabens guard against microbial growth, which protects users and help to maintain product integrity during extended periods of storage.
  • Food Preservatives
    When used as a food additive, Methyl Paraben can inhibit the growth of molds, yeasts and other microorganisms in products such as baked goods, jams and dairy items.

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