SharoSENSE – New Preservatives from Sharon Laboratories

Acme-Hardesty is pleased to introduce and promote SharoSENSE, the new line of preservative solutions from Sharon Laboratories. SharoSENSE is a bridge between synthetic and natural, bringing the best from nature with the safety, quality and consistency of a lab. This line offers globally accepted and highly active preservative blends, providing an innovative solution for the Personal Care industry. Sharon Laboratories offers a full range of products, driven by the patented synergistic effect of thymol and linalool. Some of the benefits of these preservative blends are broad spectrum effectiveness, non-pH dependent, water solubility, heat stable up to 80C and less than a 1% level of use. The SharoSENSE blends are appropriate for both leave on and rinse off applications, baby care and wet wipes. More importantly, these SharoSENSE blends are 100% free of parabens, CIT/MIT, formaldehyde and halogens. The electronic brochure of the SharoSENSE product line is in the link below. If you are interested in a sample of these new and innovative preservative blends from Sharon Laboratories, please contact your Acme-Hardesty Regional Sales Manager. SharoSENSE The post SharoSENSE – New Preservatives from Sharon Laboratories appeared first on Jacob Stern & Sons, Inc..
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