Azelaic Acid

Inci Name:
Nonanedioic Acid
Chemical Name:
Nonanedioic Acid

Azelaic acid, alternatively called nonanedioic acid and available through Acme-Hardesty under the name Matrilox LA001M, is a saturated dicarboxylic acid with a chemical structure of (CH2)7(CO2H)2. This substance, sold as a fine white powder, is derived primarily from wheat, rye and barley. Acme-Hardesty is an authorized azelaic acid distributor, providing a product that is made from environmentally friendly, sustainable sources. Our supply of azelaic acid offers the exceptional purity necessary for a wide range of medical and industrial applications. Keep reading to learn more, or contact Acme-Hardesty directly for assistance.

Azelaic acid is a naturally occurring compound produced by a yeast called Malassezia furfur. For industrial applications, purified azelaic acid is made by the ozonolysis of oleic acid. Acme-Hardesty’s product is fully European in origin and derived from oils obtained from sustainably produced vegetable crops. As a result, it is fully vegetarian and both GMO- and BSE/TSE-free. It is also free of common allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts, dairy and gluten.

Acme-Hardesty offers an extremely pure bulk azelaic acid powder consisting of a minimum 98% C9 dibasic acid. Dibasic acid less than C9 makes up no more than 1.5% of our product, while a maximum of 1.0% consists of acids greater than C9. A rigorous internal testing process ensures that water content is no more than 0.2%.

Our azelaic acid has an acid value between 585 – 610 mg KOH/g and a melting point between 102 – 110°C. Color transmission is a minimum of 80 at 440 nm and 90 at 550 nm. For detailed product specifications, please refer to the product data sheet, available on this page. You can also contact Acme-Hardesty directly with any further questions.

No matter the quantity of azelaic acid you need, our exceptional service will make Acme-Hardesty your azelaic acid supplier of choice!

Uses & Applications

Azelaic acid applications span numerous industries, as the chemical is highly favored for its status as a dicarboxylic acid. Some of the most common applications of azelaic acid include the following:

  • Medical: Azelaic acid is an active ingredient in many topical creams and other prescription treatments for light-to-moderate acne. Like other dicarboxylic acids, it is effective at killing acne-causing bacteria and decreasing keratin production. It’s also effective at reducing inflammation, making it a good treatment for rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions. Products containing azelaic acid are also used to treat rosacea, melasma and other skin pigmentation problems.
  • Polymers: Azelaic acid esters are used as a basic component of renewable and degradable plastics. Because our product is derived entirely from plant sources, it is better for the environment than plastics produced wholly from fossil fuels. Azelaic acid is also used to prepare PVC plasticizers.
  • Lubricants and Corrosion Inhibitors: Azelaic acid is a component of synthetic lubricants and corrosion inhibitors, and is frequently used as a thickening agent in lithium complex greases.

Within these applications, pelargonic acid poses mild hazards to human health and safety — it can cause skin irritation and is an eye irritant. In rare cases, it can cause an allergic reaction, and consistent contact with the skin can result in lightening of skin color. It should not be ingested or inhaled. It should also be avoided during pregnancy, as there are some studies that link azelaic acid with developmental disorders.

Handling and Storage Information

Acme-Hardesty azelaic acid powder should be kept in a tightly closed container away from sources of heat, light and flames. Exposure to any of these factors can cause degradation and damage to the material, as well as other hazards. Long-term storage should be at temperatures between 16-40°C, in a dry and well-ventilated place. As it is a powder, it poses an explosive risk and should be handled with appropriate care.

Azelaic acid is a mild irritant. Appropriate first aid procedures should be followed in the event of contact with the skin or eyes. Wear protective clothing, safety glasses and a dust respirator at all times when handling azelaic acid powder. Discard unused or spoiled product in accordance with local regulations and handle spills promptly.

For detailed storage and handling information, please consult the azelaic acid MSDS sheet, available for download on this page.

Your Source for Sustainable Azelaic Acid

Acme-Hardesty has partnered with Matrica, an Italian firm offering renewable biochemicals and related products, to be your exclusive supplier of LA001M azelaic acid and other products from the Matrilox lineup. As a leader in sustainable fatty acids for the better part of a century, Acme-Hardesty is always looking for partners who share our vision of making responsible industrial chemicals accessible to customers around the world.

Like us, Matrica is committed to oversight at all stages of the supply chain. The company works exclusively with European producers to source ethically harvested raw materials with a low environmental impact. By working closely with farmers, suppliers and intermediaries, Matrica and Acme-Hardesty are proactively building stronger communities from the ground up.

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Acme-Hardesty has spent more than 70 years in the oleochemical industry as a leading supplier of sustainable oleochemicals. We provide industry with ethically sourced chemicals, taking advantage of partnerships with premier chemical distributors located across the world with similar commitments to knowledge and quality. Matrica, in particular, has helped us significantly, teaming up with us so we could become a premier distributor of their azelaic acid and other products. We are proud to be a leading distributor of Matrica’s bulk azelaic acid. We offer low pricing, excellent customer service and the peace of mind you can only get from working with a company committed to the highest environmental and ethical standards.

Azelaic acid is just one of the many products we offer our customers. With such a wide range of industries and specialties served, we make sure our supply offers as many sustainably sourced industrial chemicals as possible. To request a quote for an order of bulk azelaic acid, or for any of our other biochemicals, please use the form on this page to submit your request. You can also call or email our office for direct assistance from one of our knowledgeable team members.

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Cosmetic Grade 99% – Our cosmetic grade Azelaic Acid is approved for beauty and personal care applications.


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