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Why Responsible Manufacturers Rely on Acme-Hardesty for High-Quality Sustainable Ingredients

At Acme-Hardesty, our word is our bond. We prioritize sustainability in the bio-based chemical sourcing industry and provide renewable, sustainable alternatives for manufacturers.

Acme-Hardesty understands relationships matter, and no one in this business does it alone. Our relationships are built on trust, innovation and sustainable performance. We call upon our deeply valued relationships to meet the needs of suppliers and customers as well as provide a dependable, cost-effective flow of quality products from source to end user.

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A Culture of Accountability

For everyone at Acme-Hardesty, it’s about more than simply what we do, it’s about why we do it. We are driven by strong cultural beliefs and the value-based principles of integrity and respect.

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Our Role in the Manufacturing Process

We see ourselves as a bridge that connects suppliers to consumers and provides essential materials manufacturers need to create superior products to make life better for millions of consumers worldwide. We also work with the best suppliers to ensure our customers are fully supported at all times.

Since 1942, Acme-Hardesty has served as a leading distributor of castor and palm oils and derivatives. We provide innovative bio-based products and solutions for industrial and regulated markets, maintain preferred relationships with suppliers and exceed customer expectations with optimized logistics. Plus, our attention to detail is unmatched and allows us to manage risk consistently.

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We’ve spent over 80 years acting as a bridge between global suppliers and North American customers, delivering essential materials needed by manufacturers and consumers alike. We’re always working to create renewable, bio-based solutions that reflect our ideals of sustainability and environmental safety.

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