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Our bio-based fatty acids, fatty alcohols and glycerine serve many purposes in the manufacture of personal care and cosmetic products. Fatty acids are used as emollients and thickening agents, and when mixed with glycerine, they perform well as a cleansing agent. Our fatty alcohols are used as surfactants and also find use as emulsifiers, emollients and thickeners.

The Personal Care Market

The personal care industry produces consumer products for hygiene and beautification purposes. This includes subsections like the cosmetics and skincare industries and spans products including makeup, toiletries, moisturizers, shaving creams, facial tissues, deodorants and soaps.

The global market for the personal care industry is highly stable — it’s even expected to see growth in the next few years as population continues to expand. By itself, the market is expected to experience average growth over time in the United States, while overseas growth is expected to expand, especially in developing locations, as urbanization and the amount of disposable income continue to grow.

Within this market, the subset of organic personal care products is expected to experience even more growth. Valued at $10.16 billion in 2015, this market is expected to grow substantially over the next 10 years, with forecasts estimating 9% growth between 2016 and 2025. Much of this growth is attributed to rising consumer awareness of environmental issues and personal health, and a decreasing opinion of crude oil-based products.

Key Factors for Manufacturers

These growth factors in the personal care market are making it even more important for personal care product manufacturers to explore organic, sustainable options in their business models. In addition to a share of the market, manufacturers can experience the following benefits by turning to sustainable bio-based chemicals from Acme-Hardesty:

  • Customer Loyalty: Customers are starting to consider their purchases more often than ever before. The millennial generation, especially, is concerned about supporting ethical companies and environmental sustainability. By switching to bio-based chemicals like sustainable cosmetic emulsifiers, your consumer loyalty can increase significantly.
  • Employee Interest: Sustainability is also a draw for new employees — many young people are interested in working for businesses with a sustainable, forward-thinking mindset. By simply increasing your focus on sustainable chemical sourcing, you can improve your hiring efforts significantly.
  • Reduced Costs: Bio-based cosmetic oleochemicals have more stable sourcing procedures than oil-based chemicals, as they’re derived from renewable resources. While oil-based chemicals vary in price depending on the global oil economy, bio-based chemicals have more stable prices, and are often even cheaper than bulk chemicals derived from crude oil.
  • Legal Compliance: Modern slavery laws require organizations that meet or exceed various revenue thresholds to issue annual statements covering their supply chain structure and policies with regards to modern slavery. By working with Acme-Hardesty, your business works with a company that is dedicated to ethical sourcing and supply chain management, ensuring compliance through your partnership.

Acme-Hardesty can help you achieve these benefits with our bio-based products. We firmly believe in the power of bio-based products, and we provide nothing less than responsibly sourced, sustainable products. As your demand grows, we’ll continue to provide ethically sourced solutions to meet your needs. That’s why you should choose Acme-Hardesty as your personal care ingredient supplier.

Personal Care Chemicals

A range of chemicals is used within the personal care industry for everything from emulsifiers and emollients to surfactants and thickeners. Acme-Hardesty provides a range of them, all ethically sourced and guaranteed high quality. All our palm-based Glycerine and Oleochemicals are non-GMO, allergen free and BSE free.

Also, we offer biodiesel Glycerine made primarily from Soybeans, Industrial/Technical Grade material, and Soap Lye Crude Glycerine.

Examples of our products for personal care and cosmetics manufacturing applications include:

2-Ethyl Hexyl Stearate

Also called octyl stearate, 2-ethyl hexyl stearate is a palm derivative that offers numerous benefits for cosmetics and personal care products manufacturing processes. Octyl stearates are extremely effective cosmetic thickening agents and can also be used as pigment wetting agents, dispersants, skin conditioning agents and cosmetic emollients for lipstick and eye make-up products. Acme-Hardesty sells octyl stearate in liquid form in drum or IBC packaging.

AHCOHOL 1618 Cetyl Stearyl/Cetearyl Alcohol)

Cetyl stearyl is a precise combination of 16 cetyl alcohol and 18 stearyl alcohol and is derived from both natural and man-made sources. Our cetyl stearyl is a vegetable-based product used for various manufacturing applications. In terms of personal care product manufacturing, cetyl stearyl works as an emollient and as a thickening agent in hair conditioners, lotions and skin creams. Our cetyl stearyl product is also allergen- and GMO-free. We sell AHCOHOL 1618 in pastille and liquid form packages in bags and isotanks.

IPP (Isopropyl Palmitate)

IPP is a derivative of palmitic acid and isopropyl alcohol and is produced in the form of a colorless, odorless liquid. We offer a vegetable-based IPP product that contains a minimum of 90-percent C16 esters. Leading cosmetic and personal care products manufacturers use our IPP formula as a cosmetic emollient, thickening agent and moisturizer. We offer IPP liquid for sale packaged in drums. Our IPP also has a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture.


PHMB (polyhexanide) is a water-based cationic preservative that is an effective antibacterial chemical. As an antimicrobial, PHMB is used in numerous personal care and cosmetics manufacturing products such as skin lotions and creams, moisturizers, sunscreens, eyeliners, make-up removers and wet wipes. Acme-Hardesty offers PHMB in liquid form featuring a 20-percent water solution and packaged in drums.

Learn More About Our Personal Care and Cosmetic Additives

Whether you need personal care/cosmetic emulsifiers, thickening agents or emollients, Acme-Hardesty has the right oleochemical for your needs. Please take a few minutes to explore our current cosmetic and personal care products inventory, and feel free to contact us for additional information.

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