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Our fatty acids perform extremely well in a wide variety of cleaning product applications, including surfactants, cleansing agents, emulsifiers, foam boosters and degreasers. The veg-based, renewable oleochemicals and glycerine sold by Acme-Hardesty Co., are non-GMO, allergen free, BSE free, and from RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) certified producers.


One example of our industrial cleaning chemicals is AHCOHOL 0898, a 98-percent pure octyl alcohol solution used for a wide range of cleaning applications. Available in liquid and solid form, octyl alcohol is a vegetable-based product derived from non-animal sources and is free of common allergens.

Typical octyl alcohol applications include being a starting material in the manufacturing of various sulfates and being an emulsifying agent in metalworking fluids. Acme-Hardesty offers this industrial cleaning agent in NF kosher liquid form packed in 375# drums or isotanks. Expected octyl alcohol shelf life is two years when stored according to SDS recommendations.

Coconut Fatty Acids

Our selection of industrial cleaning agents also includes coconut fatty acids for use as cleansing agents, surfactants, foam boasters and emulsifiers in cleaners and detergents. Other coconut fatty acid functions include use as a lubricant/grease for metals, a rust inhibitor and degreasing agent for metals and machinery, a biofuel for oil and gas industry applications and a mold-release agent in plastics and rubbers.

The textile industry uses coconut fatty acids as conditioning agents in the manufacturing of textiles and leather goods. When used as a wax, our coconut fatty acids can polish wood and condition cutting boards.

Palm Kernel Fatty Acids

As with coconut fatty acids, palm kernel fatty acids work well as cleansing agents, emulsifiers, foam boosters and surfactants. Extracted from the kernel of the palm fruit, palm kernel fatty acids are also an excellent example of vegetable-based renewable chemistries. You can use these industrial cleaning chemicals as anionic or nonionic surfactants, waxes, mold release agents in plastics and rubbers as well as a lubricant, rust inhibitor and degreasing agent for metals and machinery. Acme-Hardesty sells palm kernel fatty acids in distilled form and packages in drums and isotanks.

Learn More About Our Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Acme-Hardesty has been offering reliable, innovative oleochemical product solutions for companies in a wide range of industries for more than 70 years. You can learn more about our industrial cleaning agents and get detailed specifications by reviewing the individual product descriptions found on this page.

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