What is KLK Oleo?

KLK Oleo

A proud Acme-Hardesty partner, KLK Oleo is one of the leading global producers of oleochemicals and derivatives. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and part of one of the most successful rubber and palm oil plantation groups, KLK Oleo has become a leader in quality, sustainability and renewable chemistry worldwide. With an extensive product portfolio, KLK has built a large international business into a wide array of markets.

Mission and Values
KLK Oleo is committed to the same set of values that have made Acme-Hardesty a leading oleochemical supplier. The company’s vision includes “growing to be the most trusted global partner in oleo-based products and solutions, thus enriching human lives in a sustainable manner every day.” This is supported by a core set of values that includes integrity, loyalty, humility, team spirit, results-oriented performance and innovation.

Moving Towards a Sustainable Future
As a prominent chemical supplier, KLK Oleo is a leading innovator in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The company is committed to improving both environmental and social conditions in every community it works in.

Together with its parent company, KLK Oleo employs a vertically integrated business model in which every product and ingredient can be traced back to its source. Such granular control over the supply chain ensures that fair labor practices are enforced and that palm oil is harvested in an environmentally responsible manner. The result is a finished product with integrity — one that helps build communities and a more sustainable future.

Accreditations and Associations
Like Acme-Hardesty, KLK Oleo is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an industry organization that certifies palm oil producers and advocates for more responsible land stewardship and labor practices. KLK Oleo is also ISO-certified for quality management (9001:2008), environmental management (14001:2004) and occupational health and safety (18001:2007).

These are measureable, scalable management standards based on a cycle of continuous improvement.

Industries and Applications
KLK Oleo is a chemical supplier to the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetics industries, among others. The company manufactures palm-based fatty acids, fatty alcohols, surfactants and other products used in industrial manufacturing. KLK Oleo supplies chemicals that are 100% plant-based, not tested on animals and free of diary, gluten and other allergens. Both Kosher- and Halal-certified products are available.

KLK Oleo and Acme-Hardesty: A Winning Partnership
KLK Oleo is recognized as a leader and innovator in the field of oleochemistry. Having just celebrated 25 years in business, the company is continually investing in and focused on the growth of its business, reinforcing its reputation and leading the global efforts on sustainability.

At Acme-Hardesty, our success has been built partly on the meaningful relationships we’ve developed with suppliers that share our values. To learn more about how KLK Oleo and Acme-Hardesty are working together to develop more responsible palm-based chemical products, keep browsing our website or contact our office today.

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