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Temix Oleo

Temix Oleo is a leading manufacturer of oleochemicals in the European and Italian markets, producing products for use in lubrication, auxiliary industry, textile and leather industries, production of resins, adhesives and abrasives, cleansing products, personal care and cosmetics and custom products. Temix Oleo chemical products are made from renewable sources. The company maintains a deep and abiding respect for our planet, and produces high-quality products through environmentally sustainable operations and cutting-edge technology.

A Leader in Sustainable Chemical Products
Temix Oleo is a leading chemical supplier committed to using technology to develop more sustainable, planet-friendly products. The company was formed as the result of a merger between Oleochimica Italia and Temix International, two leading organizations with a shared vision for producing high-quality oleochemicals using sustainable chemistry.

Research and development is a key Temix Oleo priority. By leading innovation at this level, the company continues to bring products to market that meet the demanding needs of today’s producers and consumers, while ensuring a sustainable future for us all. Currently, Temix Oleo provides oleochemical detergents, emollients, lubricants and other products for a number of prominent cleaning, personal care and cosmetics manufacturers.

Key Products
Temix Oleo specializes in emollients for a wide range of applications:

  • Body care, including hand, feet and skin care. The company’s emollients are often used in the manufacture of creams, skin softeners and more, where they promote smooth spreading and fast absorption, reducing the greasy feeling some products create.
  • Cosmetics, including lip gloss, eye makeup, concealers and other products. Temix Oleo chemicals can be used as binders, solvents, plasticizers and in a number of related applications when manufacturing these and other products.
  • Haircare products, including shampoos and conditioners. Temix Oleo emollients improve gloss and moisture in care products for normal, dry and greasy hair.
  • Sunscreens and aftercare products for the face and body. Use Temix Oleo chemicals to improve spreadability and lubricity, and to facilitate greater absorption of the active ingredients in these and other sun care products.

All Temix Oleo emollients are made from renewable sources and are customized to meet the specific requirements of various industries and applications. For more information, contact Acme-Hardesty directly.

Acme-Hardesty Is Your Exclusive Temix Oleo Chemical Supplier
Acme-Hardesty recently signed a letter of intent to be the exclusive US distributor of Temix Oleo products, including the company’s Temest and Acitem brands, as well as their lineup of pelargonic and azelaic acids. This exciting partnership with a brand that shares our values greatly expands our overall product offerings, making us the exclusive one-stop shop for any manufacturer looking for a sustainable alternative to conventional emollients and other industrial chemicals.

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