Palm Kernel Fatty Acid

Chemical Name:
Palm Kernel Oil Fatty Acids
  • Product Details & Information

    Acme-Hardesty Co. is recognized as one of the oldest and largest Oleochemical distributors in the United States. The veg-based, renewable (from Palm Oil) Oleochemicals and Glycerine sold by Acme-Hardesty Co. are non-GMO, allergen-free, BSE-free, and from Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified producers.

    Palm Kernel Fatty Acid is used in soaps, bath products, and household and industrial cleaning products as a surfactant, cleansing agent, emulsifier and a foam booster. Its high Lauric content makes an excellent lathering and conditioning bath soap. Palm Kernel Fatty Acid and its esters are also used in the manufacture of intermediates for the textile industry, lubricants and metal working fluids.

  • Uses & Applications

    CASE: Used as a Solvent to Dissolve Adhesives

    Cleaners and Detergents: Acts as a Surfactant, Cleansing Agent, Emulsifier, Foam Booster and Degreaser

    Lubricants and Greases: Used Directly as a Lubricant and Formulated into Lubricants and Greases for Metal

    Metal Working Fluids: Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Esters Are Used as a Lubricating Agent, Rust Inhibitor and Degreasing Agent for Metals and Machinery

    Oil and Gas: Used Directly as a Biofuel and Lamp Fuel and Is Mixed with Diesel Fuel

    Personal Care: Acts as a Cleansing Agent, Conditioner, Emulsifier and Foam Booster in Soaps, Bath and Hair Care Products and as an Emulsifier for Facial Creams and Lotions

    Plastics and Rubber: Mold Release Agent

    Renewable Chemistries: This is a Veg-Based Renewable Product Sourced from the Kernel of the Palm Fruit.

    Surfactants and Esters: Acts as an Anionic and Nonionic Surfactant

    Textiles: Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Esters are used as Conditioning Agents for Textiles and Leather

    Waxes: Used in Waxes to Condition Cutting Boards and to Polish Wood

  • Grades and Forms Available


  • Packaging

    Drums, Isotanks

  • Shelf Life

    One Year from Date of Manufacture when stored according to MSDS recommendations

  • INCI Name
    Palm Kernel Acid

Sales Specifications of Distilled Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Standard Liquid

ParametersSpecificationsTest Methods
Acid Value 248 – 262 AOCS Te 1a-64
Saponification Value 249 – 263 AOCS Tl 1a-64
Iodine Value 15 – 20 AOCS Tg 1a-64
Titer, ºC 22 – 27 AOCS Tr 1a-64
Color, Lovibond 5.25” 5Y / 0.7R AOCS Cc 13b-45
Color, APHA 125 max AOCS Td 1b-64
Fatty Acid Composition %
C8 1 – 4 AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
C10 1 – 4 AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
C12 46 – 52 AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
C14 13 – 18 AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
C16 7 – 14 AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
C18 1 – 4 AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
C18:I 12 – 19 AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
C18:II 1 – 3 AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
C20 0.5 max AOCS Ce 2-66 & Ce 1-62
Specs & MSDS of Distilled Palm Kernel Fatty Acid