AHCOHOL 0898 (Octyl Alcohol)

AHCOHOL 0898 (Octyl Alcohol)

Inci Name:
Octyl Alcohol
Chemical Name:
Octyl Alcohol 98%

Octyl alcohol is a vegetable-based fatty alcohol used in perfume and fragrance manufacturing or as an intermediate in the production of detergents and other cleaners. It is also called 1-octanol, capryl alcohol and caprylic alcohol, and comes in both liquid and solid forms.

Acme-Hardesty manufactures and sells 98-percent pure octyl alcohol for a range of different industrial purposes. As a leading producer of high-quality oleochemicals, we are committed to delivering products that meet the demands of today’s most stringent manufacturers. Keep reading to learn more about potential uses for our capryl alcohol product or contact us to request a quote today.

Product Details

NF Kosher Liquid

375# drums or Isotanks

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