Acme-Hardesty Cultural Beliefs 

At Acme-Hardesty our name is synonymous with the phrase, “our word is our bond”  Building upon a heritage of more than 80 years, we deliver sustained profitable growth so we can take care of families. The families we take care of include those of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners and we accomplish this through living our Cultural Beliefs.

Building upon a heritage of more than 80 years, we deliver sustained profitable growth so we can live out our mission, “Take Care of Families”. The families that are part of the Acme-Hardesty family, include those our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners and we fulfill our promise of care by living our Cultural Beliefs.

Our Six Cultural Beliefs

Through living the Acme-Hardesty Cultural Beliefs, our colleagues make a personal choice every day to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary to achieve results. This is why we provide solutions where others may only see problems. Acme-Hardesty has evolved into one of the largest distributors of palm derivatives, preservatives and surfactants, castor oils and derivatives and a full range of renewable palm-based fatty alcohols, fatty acids and glycerine. We help to make life better for millions of consumers — all while upholding our cultural beliefs.

1. Respectful Relationships

I am considerate, empathetic, and professional in all interactions.

Respect for others is fundamental to what we do. We strive to be empathetic, considerate and professional in all our interactions, whether with suppliers or customers. Honesty and integrity form the backbone and foundation for all of our relationships and guide our approach to business.

2. Process Perfect

I optimize all A-H processes and align with the enhanced processes to improve our efficiency.

We’re constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and improve our operations. We optimize all A-H processes and align our enhanced processes to improve efficiency.

3. Continuous Learning

I invest in myself and others through education, technology, and collaboration to embrace and drive the changes we will encounter on our growth journey.

The oleochemical industry is constantly changing, as is the world around us. At Acme-Hardesty, we’re dedicated to lifelong learning. We invest in ourselves and others through education, collaboration and technology. Continuous learning drives changes and encourages us to grow. We also look for ways to continually learn and better ourselves, on personal and professional levels.

4. Superior Service

I proactively exceed the expectations of all my stakeholders.

We go above and beyond for our customers. We aim to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, as our word is our bond. If we make a commitment to a supplier, customer or another team member, we will follow through on it.

5. Team Won

I build trust and alignment while collaborating with everyone to achieve Acme-Hardesty goals.

Collaboration is crucial for our success. We work to build trust and align with our partners and each other. Achieving our goals requires a team effort, so we aim to get everyone involved.

6. Peak Performance

I am accountable to execute my individual responsibilities to ensure the collective success of the entire organization.

Every member of the team is accountable for their own responsibilities while they work to ensure the success of the company as a whole.

Acme-Hardesty Cultural Beliefs

Jacob Stern & Sons Culture Statement

At the end of the day, we are a business with a solemn responsibility to grow and sustain profitability for all stakeholders. Without exception, our success is built by people who [endeavor to] uphold the following key principles:

Take thoughtful action. Consciously employ an organized and systematic approach to business, supported by proactive planning, performance reporting, analysis, and execution in the quest for continuous improvement.

Promote teamwork. Collaborate, communicate, and act in concert to accomplish goals with team members based on a confidence, trust, and accountability to others.

Encourage personal growth. Strive to improve personally, to perform at a higher level, and to inspire and assist others along the way.

Maintain an inquisitive nature. Desire to know more and acquire information to better understand our business, the marketplace and better perform your job.

Add value. Possess a drive and ability to add value to commerce between producers and purchasers.

Do your best and enjoy what you do.

Jacob Stern & Sons is the parent company to Acme-Hardesty Co.