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Podcast Video Series Part 3: Lockdown Bath & Body Care Trends

Bath and body care rituals as well as product preferences in the industry are shifting due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting hygiene, hand care and self-care concerns. These shifts are causing a significant jump in products such as hand sanitizers and soothing products. In this video, we’ll explore the following topics: The rise in […]

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Podcast Video Series Part 2: Lockdown Hair Care Trends

Hair care rituals and product preferences are changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns and work-from-home routines. These shifts are causing a significant jump in hair care sales, including for at-home hair color and hair treatments that expand hair care rituals. In this video, we’ll dive into the following topics: Rising hair care […]

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Podcast Video Series Part 1: Lockdown Skin Care Trends

Consumers have increasingly sought skin care products amid worldwide lockdowns in 2020, creating new rituals and unveiling emerging needs. This creates exciting opportunities for brand marketers, R&D teams and fomulators. In this free exclusive trend video podcast, we will explore new skin care search trends, work-from-home rituals, the merger of safety and well-being as well […]

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Webinar: Global Castor Outlook

Join Acme-Hardesty as we dive into an overview of the Castor Oils and Derivatives demand in 2020 and gain insights from top experts around the world. This webinar will cover the following topics: USA Castor Imports Industry Segments for Castor applications USA GDP USA Economy Outlook Castor Outlook 2020 Click on the link below to […]

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Webinar: The Challenges & Solutions to Formulating Stevia

The demand for natural, high-intensity sweeteners that facilitate calorie reduction of finished products continues to rise. With sugar reduction as a key priority across the globe, product launches with stevia have skyrocketed.  As many formulators know, while stevia presents the best solution for its ability to enhance sweetness and provide a sugar-like experience, there can […]

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Webinar: Natural Emulsifiers – a Key to Post-COVID-19 Product Development

Consumers now more than ever are looking for products that are both sustainable and innovative. The “back to nature” ingredient trend is driven by demand for products that are environmentally friendly and safe without compromising on performance or functionality. Covid-19 has also caused the acceleration of some trends that is likely to sustain through the […]

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