2020 Sustainability Report

Acme-Hardesty began more than 75 years ago. As a division of Jacob Stern and Sons, we’re built upon an even longer history of innovation and growth. We see ourselves as the bridge that connects suppliers in far away places with customers in North America. And as a pipeline—one that brings essential materials, needed by thousands of manufacturers, to create products that make life better for millions of consumers worldwide.

We prioritize sustainability in the bio-based chemical sourcing industry and provide renewable, sustainable alternatives for manufacturers. At Acme-Hardesty, our word is our bond.

Sustainability is nothing new to us. Sustainable, renewable products have been part of our business for more than 70 years. Our strategy for sustainability centers around three pillars of action:

  1. We proactively market and sell renewable bio-based product alternatives. We source products from manufacturers with sustainable agricultural practices and we aim to increase demand for sustainable products for customers.
  2. We strengthen relationships in the communities where we operate. We optimize the design of our supply chain to minimize carbon footprint.
  3. Our bio-based products enable our customers to develop sustainable solutions. We foster an environment of continuous learning to promote responsible practices such as recycling, waste reduction, energy consumption, and health and well-being. We educate our employees and promote responsible practices to benefit future generations.

We’re dedicated to making a difference for the people and the planet, and we want to help you do the same. We understand sustainable sourcing is the present and future, and manufacturers should be able to reap the benefits of ethical sourcing. As such, we’ll work with manufacturers to teach them about sustainable sourcing, ensuring they can enjoy the benefits of ethical sourcing for years to come.

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