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Our fatty acids perform exceptionally well in a variety of functions, such as corrosion inhibitors and lubricity additives. Often they represent formulation improvements that offer greater product uniformity and cost savings.

The Lubricants and Grease Market

The lubricants and greases market includes a wide variety of products, primarily involved in the automotive and industrial industries. Used to decrease friction between rotating mechanical parts or to seal gaps between pieces of equipment, lubricants and greases are found across industry in a variety of machines, from hydraulic seals to automotive applications.

The lubricant and greases market is projected to grow significantly over the next few years. This is primarily due to the expansion of vehicle ownership across the world and the increase in automation in factories. As the amount of machinery in the world increases, the amount of lubricant and grease needed to produce and maintain that machinery also increases.

Market interest in sustainable greases and lubricants has increased over the past decade as well. The bio-based lubricants market has been growing at a healthy rate since 2012, between five and 10 percent per year across the world. Between increasing worldwide attention to environmental concerns and concerns with the future of petroleum-based products, more industrial customers than ever are considering sustainable alternatives and ethical lubricant additive suppliers.

Key Factors for Manufacturers

These growth factors in the industrial lubricant and grease market are making it even more important for manufacturers to explore more sustainable options in their business models, including bio-based fatty acids for industrial lubricant applications. In addition to an increased share of the market, manufacturers who choose to work with organic lube and grease esters from Acme-Hardesty can experience the following benefits:

  • Customer Loyalty: Customers are considering the backgrounds of their purchases more often than ever before. Newly established industrial companies are promoting themselves as green businesses, and more companies than ever are promoting their support of ethical business practices. By producing more sustainable products, you position yourself among these businesses, improving customers’ opinions of your business. This can improve customer loyalty significantly.
  • Employee Interest: Sustainability is a draw for new employees. The millennial generation is expressing an increased interest in sustainable, ethical business practices, and are actively searching for businesses with a forward-thinking mindset. For this reason, choosing alternative ingredients for your lubricants can improve your hiring efforts.
  • Reduced Costs: Bio-based oleochemicals are more stable in price due to their more stable sourcing methods. Since they’re derived from renewable resources, they’re much more reliable to find than non-renewable oil sources. With these more stable prices, your company can budget more easily for supplies. Often, manufacturers experience decreased costs overall when they switch to oleochemical alternatives.
  • Improved Satisfaction: Bio-based lubricants can outperform oil-based lubricants on many levels. They tend to improve lubricity, while also minimizing skin irritation so often associated with petroleum-based lubricants. With toxicity and performance improvements, your customers will enjoy your product more, resulting in overall improvements in customer satisfaction.

Acme-Hardesty can help you achieve more with our lineup of bio-based products. We firmly believe in the power of sustainability, which is why we provide nothing less than responsibly sourced, bio-based products. No matter how much demand grows, we’ll continue to provide ethically sourced solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Lubricant and Grease Chemicals

A range of chemicals are used within the lubricant and grease industry, including lubricity additives, grease additives and metalworking additives. Acme-Hardesty provides a range of them, all ethically sourced and guaranteed high quality. Our lineup of fatty acids for metalworking grease and industrial lubricant applications includes:

12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid (HSA)

12-hydroxy stearic acid is a castor oil derivative prepared via hydrogenation, which is the process of adding hydrogen to produce a chemical reaction. Typically produced in white solid form, 12 HSA is often used in the manufacturing of lithium grease and lubricants. We sell this lubricant additive as flakes packaged in bags and super-sacks. Online, 12 HSA customers can also purchase the product in 50# bags.

AHCOHOL 1698 (Cetyl Alcohol NF)

Cetyl alcohol NF is a long-chain fatty alcohol featuring 16 carbon atoms and a white solid appearance in its natural state. Among the numerous cetyl alcohol applications include it being used as a metalworking lubricant.

Acme-Hardesty offers a vegetable-based cetyl alcohol product in NF and kosher grades and in pastille or liquid form that is GMO-free and contains no residual solvents. Packaging options for this effective lubricant additive include bags and isotanks. Our cetyl alcohol product also offers a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture.

Dioctyl Sebacate (DOS)

DOS is another castor oil derivative that is extremely resistant to cold and heat and offers excellent insulation. These properties make DOS ideal for industrial lubricant applications such as a base for engine lubricating oils. We feature DOS in a clear liquid form packaged in drums. Our DOS products also have a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture when stored in accordance with MSDS regulations.

Rubber Grade Stearic Acid (RGSA)

RGSA features the lowest C18 content of any stearic acid product we sell. This makes it ideally suited for many lubrication and grease manufacturing applications. For instance, RGSA serves as an effective mold release lubricant for sintering as a thickening agent in greases. You’ll find RGSA available from Acme-Hardesty in veg or tallow flakes packaged in bags or super-sacks. RGSA shelf life is one year for our tallow product and two years for veg.

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