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Metal Working Fluids

Acme-Hardesty offers oleochemical additives for metalworking fluids used to perform important functions such as cooling and lubricating metal workpieces during grounding, milling machining and other related processes. Our metalworking fluid additives are the product of our more than 70 years of experience in providing innovative oleochmical solutions for our large and varied customer base.

Caprylic/Capric Acid

Caprylic/capric acid is a precise combination of octanoic and short-term fatty acids derived solely from vegetable or animal sources. However, Acme-Hardesty is the only company offering a completely animal free caprylic/capric acid product. Our product is extracted from palm oil and contains no tree nuts, eggs, grain or gluten. Metalworking fluid applications include use as a solubilizer for mineral oils. Our caprylic/capric acid product is a light yellow liquid packaged in drums and isotanks.

Distilled Tallow Fatty Acid

Distilled tallow fatty acid is a versatile, renewable product that can function well in a number of industrial applications. You can use it as a metalworking lubricant additive and as a gelling agent in polishes and buffing compounds. You can also add distilled tallow fatty acid as an additive to hydraulic metalworking fluids. We sell distilled tallow fatty acid in drum and liquid bulk packaging featuring a shelf life of one year from the date of manufacturing.

Oleic Acid

Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid extracted from animal and vegetable fats. The wide range of oleic acid formulations and grades makes it well-suited for many industrial applications. Oleic acid’s primary application as a metalworking additive is as an intermediate.

Our oleic acid product is REACH-registered and comes strictly from North American beef and pork sources. It’s also BSE/TSE-free and contains no GMO products. We offer multiple oleic acid packaging options including drums, isotanks, five-gallon pails and several others.

Ricinoleic Acid

Ricinoleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid derived primarily from castor oil. Used as an intermediate in metalworking fluids, ricinoleic acid is a yellowish viscous liquid also noted for its strong antibacterial properties. We sell ricinoleic acid in drums and isotanks that provide a shelf life of up to six months.

Please review our complete metalworking fluid additive listings for product specifications and additional information.

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