Sebacic Acid

Chemical Name:
1,8-Octanedicarboxylic Acid or Decanedioic Acid
  • Product Details & Information

    Sebacic acid is an acid derived from castor oil. It is sold in the form of a white, granular powder and sometimes referred to by either of its chemical names: 1,8-octanedicarboxylic acid or decanedioic acid. It was historically used in candle-making and today has many functions in manufacturing and industrial processing.

    Acme-Hardesty carries high-quality sebacic acid and other industrial acids derived from castor oil. A leader in corporate sustainability, we strive to implement ethical and environmentally responsible practices at every step of our supply chain. We are an ideal partner to any forward-thinking organization.

  • Uses & Applications

    CASE: Intermediate for Paints and Coatings and for the Polyester Polyols Used in Hot Melt Adhesives

    Lubricants and Greases: Synthetic Lubricant Base Stock; Corrosion Inhibiting Grease Additive; Thickener in Complex Greases

    Metalworking Fluids: Corrosion Inhibitor in Metalworking Fluids, Antifreeze and Hydraulic Fluids

    Plastics: Intermediate for Plasticizers and for Nylon, Synthetic Resins and Fibers

    Sebacic Acid Uses and Characteristics

    Acme-Hardesty sebacic acid is refined to a minimum 99.5-percent purity. It has a minimum acid value of 550, a maximum ash content of 0.03 percent and a maximum moisture level of 0.20 percent. Its melting point is between 131.0 and 134.5°C.

    Some of the principal uses of sebacic acid include acting as an intermediate in nylon, synthetic resins and other plastics. Its anti-corrosive properties make it a useful addition to metalworking fluids and antifreezes. It is also an additive and thickener for grease and lubricants, as well as an intermediate in paints and other coatings.

  • Grades and Forms Available

    Technical, Granular

  • Packaging

    Bags, Supersacks

  • Shelf Life

    Two Years from Date of Manufacture when stored according to MSDS recommendations

  • INCI Name

    Sebacic Acid

    Safe Handling of Sebacic Acid

    As with all organic powders, sebacic acid poses a risk of explosive dust formation in unventilated areas. Breathing in dust can cause respiratory irritation. For this reason, wear appropriate protective gear — including personal breathing apparatuses — when working with the product.

    Acme-Hardesty offers sebacic acid in bags and supersacks. Stored it in its original packaging when not in use. If stored properly, it has a shelf life of up to two years from the date of manufacture. For detailed instructions and other safety precautions, please download the sebacic acid MSDS.

    70+ Years of Industrial Chemical Expertise

    Acme-Hardesty has a long history of providing high-quality chemicals for a wide range of industrial processes. If you need to order sebacic acid in bulk, contact us online today. One of our team members will get in touch with you shortly to provide a quote.

Sales Specifications of SEBACIC ACID

ParametersSpecificationsTest Methods
Appearance White Granules
Purity, % 99.5 minimum
Acid Value 550 min
Ash Content, ppm 250 maximum
Moisture, % 0.30 maximum
Color APHA 15 maximum
Melting Point, °C 131 minimun
Pass Thru 60 Mesh, % 85 minimum
Specs & MSDS of Sebacic Acid - Granular