Bio-Based Cleaning Products That Work

Bio-Based Cleaning Products That Work


Acme-Hardesty is a leader in providing bio-based cleaning ingredients for the household and industrial cleaner industry. From powerful hand hygiene options to hard surface cleaners for industrial settings, we have products for all your cleaning purposes.

All our eco-friendly cleaning products are ethically sourced and guaranteed to be of the highest quality. We focus on using renewable resources to deliver naturally derived ingredients for unbeatable cleaning products. Our products are also non-GMO and allergen-free for a safe cleaning option for any business.

To learn more about our bio-based cleaning products and decide if they are the right choice for your company’s needs, continue reading below. 

What Are Bio-Based Cleaning Products?

A bio-based cleaning product contains ingredients directly from nature or is synthesized with natural materials for a final cleaning solution that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

At Acme-Hardesty, we offer the best natural cleaning products for various uses, such as: 

Hand and Personal Hygiene Care

Oleochemicals such as glycerine are common in personal care products, such as our hand hygiene solutions. Glycerine comes from vegetable fats and is well known for its moisturizing abilities. Using oleochemicals in personal care products has become popular due to these substances being allergy- and carcinogen-free. Purchasing our bio-based hand soap and sanitizing ingredients will ensure your business is safe while protecting your customers’ health.

Industrial Cleaning

Oleochemicals are used in many industrial cleaning products, such as: 

  • Surfactants: Surfactants break down the surface tension between two compounds. These include our bio-based cleaning supplies from our supplier partner Citroleo, who offers natural surfactants based on babacu oil.
  • Cleansing agents: A cleansing agent or hard-surface cleaner removes dirt, dust and stains on surfaces. 
  • Emulsifiers: Emulsifiers combine ingredients that do not typically mix for a more effective and sustainable bio-based cleaner.
  • Foam boosters: Foam boosters are natural additives that increase the production of suds for a deeper clean.
  • Degreasers: Degreasers remove oils and other contaminating materials from assembly environments without adding excess pollutants. 

What Kind of Ingredients Are in Bio-Based Cleaning Products?

Many cleaning products continue to rely on harsh chemicals to boost cleaning efficacy. These fossil-based solutions often contain harmful carcinogens and toxins and can pollute the drinking water supply and soil. Additionally, manufacturing these chemicals produces greenhouse gases and toxic byproducts. 

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Ingredients in Bio-Based Cleaning Products

Bio-based cleaning products replace the fossil-based ingredients of traditional ones with sustainable alternatives such as vegetable-based, renewable oleochemicals and glycerine. At Acme-Hardesty, our bio-based cleaning product ingredients include oleochemicals or chemical compounds from natural fats and acids. They serve as substitutes for non-renewable products such as petroleum to create a sustainably sourced cleaner. Oleochemicals contain few, if any, carcinogens, making them a safe cleaning option. Some of them your company can use in your products include:

  • Palm oil
  • Soy
  • Coconut oil

Whether you’re looking for household and industrial cleaners or personal care supplies, our bio-based cleaning ingredients will effectively clean any surface without creating pollutants or irritating skin. 

The Benefits of Bio-Based Cleaning Products

Using a bio-based cleaning product has many benefits in addition to effectively cleaning various surfaces. Some advantages include:

1. Reduced Environmental Footprint

Cleaning with our bio-based ingredients is a great way to lower your company’s environmental impact. We source all our products directly from manufacturers who practice sustainable agriculture. Another benefit of buying our bio-based products is that they are non-GMO and allergen- and BSE-free. Plus, they come from Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified producers. 

Our bio-based products also reduce the number of harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere. This reduction in chemicals leads to a safer indoor environment by improving air quality and reducing health risks such as poisoning and respiratory infections.

2. Long-Lasting Effects

One of the biggest benefits of a bio-based cleaning product is that you will see long-lasting results after each use. Traditional cleaners contain chemicals that are not sustainable for a long-term clean. Often, using a traditional solution may shorten the life span of objects or surfaces. By using our bio-based offerings, you can expand the longevity of your items and surfaces while keeping them clean. 

3. Increased Safety

Using bio-based products ensures employees and customers who come into contact with surfaces treated with these cleaners will be safe due to reduced health risks. Eco-friendly cleaning products are also a safe option to protect those with weakened immune systems or health conditions. When you use bio-based cleaners, you can trust you have a product that will provide word-class cleaning without harming your employees or customers.

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4. Preservation Solutions

In addition to our line of products, Acme-Hardesty is a proud supplier partner of Sharon Laboratories to provide our customers with innovative bio-based preservative solutions. Their recent scientific breakthrough of SharoWIPES™ keeps their formula fresh for increased efficiency.

Effective Green Cleaning Products

Acme-Hardesty has been a trusted name in providing reliable and innovative industrial cleaning solutions for companies for over 75 years. During our time in business, we have provided effective products for a wide range of industries. Some cleaning agents found in our portfolio include:


AHCOHOL 0898 is a 98% pure octyl alcohol solution available in a solid or kosher liquid form with a shelf life of two years. Octyl alcohol is an allergen-free vegetable-based product. Typically, octyl alcohol is in various sulfates and serves as an emulsifying agent for metalworking fluids.

Coconut Fatty Acids

Coconut fatty acids are in cleansing agents and surfactants. Another use for coconut fatty acids is as a metal lubricant or rust inhibitor. Our coconut fatty acids also work well as a wax application and can polish wood or condition cutting boards.

Palm Kernel Fatty Acids

Palm kernel fatty acids are also excellent at cleaning various materials and function well as cleansing agents and emulsifiers. Our palm kernel fatty acids are vegetable-based and renewable. Some applications include surfactants and degreasing agents for machinery. We sell this oleochemical as a distilled option in drums and isotanks.

Trust Acme-Hardesty for Quality Bio-Based Products

Trust Acme-Hardesty for Quality Bio-Based Products

Acme-Hardesty’s portfolio of bio-based cleaning ingredients offers outstanding cleaning without harming employees, customers or the surrounding environment. As the need for eco-friendly and safe cleaning products continues rising, Acme-Hardesty will be here to meet all your needs. We are continually expanding our line of products while maintaining our focus on sustainability. Trust Acme-Hardesty for all your bio-chemical cleaning product needs. 

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our offerings, please fill out our contact form today!