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Research and Innovation Laboratories

To further Acme-Hardesty's commitment to innovation and expand upon our technical capabilities, we have added two new applications laboratories inside our Culture and Collaboration Center. These new Research & Innovation Laboratories further our dedication to serving both our customers and principals by providing superior technical expertise and market insights.
Customers and supplier partners are able to work with Acme-Hardesty's formulation chemists to leverage their knowledge and skills for formulation assistance, chassis development, ingredient recommendations, and more.
The laboratory, originally added to Acme-Hardesty's capabilities in 2019, has been expanded from its original size and includes new, cutting-edge equipment to develop market-leading innovations.
Acme-Hardesty chemists, in both laboratories, will bring value to customers and principals by focusing on applications specific to creating prototypes, conceptual formulations, and innovations for new and existing ingredients.
In addition, technical service roles in the lab are geared toward helping customers resolve quality or process-related issues. Customers and principal partners alike can rely upon the Acme-Hardesty technical team as an extension of themselves.
The expansion of the Research & Innovation Laboratories serves to illustrate Acme-Hardesty's commitment to our cultural belief of Superior Service and proactively exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders.

The Cultural & Collaboration Center

At the core of Acme-Hardesty's culture of accountability, is a focus and investment in collaboration. After all, a company without collaboration is comparable to a stamp without its postcard. What defines our Culture and Collaboration Center or CCC (a common acronym used within conversation at Acme-Hardesty)?
"Understand the past and you can shape the future." Acme-Hardesty has been voted a Top Workplace in the Philadelphia area since 2017. Our office pre-renovation was truly a great place to work. It was an action-packed, fun, energetic, and smiling place for employees.
Now, our office is still in the same location, remodeled to preserve the action-packed, fun, energetic, and smiling place we all know and love, but enhanced to lend itself to proactive communication, dynamic learning, and cross-team collaboration.