Webinar: Natural Emulsifiers – a Key to Post-COVID-19 Product Development

Consumers now more than ever are looking for products that are both sustainable and innovative. The “back to nature” ingredient trend is driven by demand for products that are environmentally friendly and safe without compromising on performance or functionality. Covid-19 has also caused the acceleration of some trends that is likely to sustain through the next months, as beauty consumers face new challenges in the changing landscape.

While several new trends are affecting consumer behavior, consumer appeal to new products continues to be significantly impacted by the feel of the product. Texture and sensory are largely driven by the emulsifier used in formulation, and a product’s aesthetic determines its success. Finding emulsifiers to deliver on sensory while answering the need for natural can be a challenge and Acme-Hardesty offers a solution through our partnership with Gale & Cosm and their eco-friendly product portfolio.

Click on the link below to check out our full webinar where we explore the challenges of emulsification technology and how to overcome them with innovative natural ingredients.

WEBINAR: Natural Emulsifiers and Post-COVID-19 Product Development

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