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Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

  Palm oil is the world’s most widely consumed vegetable oil and you can find it in about 50 percent of the packaged goods sold in your local grocery store.  The ingredient is used in so many food and non-food items because it can be blended and processed to produce products that have a wide […]

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What Is A BioPreferred® Product?

  BioPreferred® Products Biobased products are defined as non–edible, industrial goods that are made in whole or in part from biological and agricultural products such as vegetables, soybeans, fish, and plants. The category was established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act (FSRIA) of 2002. According to […]

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8 Little Known Uses for Sustainable Polyurethane

Bio-based polyurethane can be used for many applications, thanks in part to its flexibility and durability. Like all polyurethane, sustainable polyurethane can be used for: Construction. The construction industry has long relied on polyurethane for insulation, structural elements, building components and more. As consumers get more interested in green and environmentally sustainable products, green polyurethane […]

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Bright Future for the Bio-Based Chemical Industry

  In our ever-advancing world, it’s becoming increasingly important to develop and implement sustainable solutions for producing industrial materials. Today, the constant use of petroleum-based products and other non-renewable assets are depleting the world’s natural resources. In addition to the damage caused by this depletion, the use of these natural resources has resulted in serious […]

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The Importance of Biodegradable Lubricants

In machine shops and auto body shops, green lubricants are one way to create more sustainable services for customers. Bio-based lubricants are an alternative to mineral-based lubricants, and they offer a number of advantages: Sustainable lubricants reduce the risk of skin irritation. Mineral-based lubricants produce oil mist that introduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the […]

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Green Cosmetics: The Push for Sustainable Beauty

What Are Green Cosmetics? Why Buy Natural and Sustainable Cosmetics? How Are Sustainable Cosmetics Made? Why Produce Green Cosmetics? Ingredients That Aren’t Sustainable The Future of Sustainable Cosmetics Examples of Sustainable Cosmetics Start Going Green More than ever before, consumers aren’t interested in your product — they’re interested in your process. As public interest in […]

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