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As your Partner in Global Sourcing, Acme-Hardesty brings you quality products from around the world – Asia, South America, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. There’s a World of Value and Service behind our Oleochemicals and Derivatives. Enter Our Online Store

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Our manufacturers are inspected regularly, held to high standards, and most are ISO and/or GMP certified to ensure that you always receive top quality products.

Veg or Tallow? Kosher? USP?

All of our palm producers are members of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), and all palm fatty acids and alcohols are available as Kosher, and select products as Halal, NF or USP. In addition to our vegetable-based (palm) fatty acids we carry a line of tallow-based fatty acids.

A Choice of Preservatives – Parabens, Paraben Free or Natural?

Whether you still swear by the proven efficacy of parabens, or prefer to avoid them, we carry a full spectrum of preservatives. Check out our new line of citrus-based products for your customers who are demanding natural preservatives.

Castor Oil - A True Green BioRenewable

We offer a broad line of castor oils and derivatives. Whether you need a drum of USP Castor Oil, a pallet of 12HSA or tank truck deliveries of bulk oil, we’re your experienced source. Our long term and strategic relationships with multiple manufacturers of Castor products, and our domestic storage capabilities, ensure quality and supply in all market conditions.