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Welcome to Acme-Hardesty, the USA's leading distributor of Renewable chemistries derived from castor, palm, soy, sugar and tallow. And we do more...our long history of providing oleochemicals to North American customers extends to Traditional chemistries that include glycols, metallic stearates, preservatives, and surfactants.

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Our regular visits to all the corners of the world keep us, and you, up-to-date on the rapidly changing oleochemical global markets, and ensure that we are bringing you the highest quality products available from world class suppliers.

We can bring them straight from the port to your door, or deliver them from one of our strategically located domestic stocking locations. Our service and supply chain are exceptional which is why our customers find us to be one of the very best chemical distributors in America.

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P.S. Our Palm-Based Oleochemicals and Glycerine are non-GMO, allergen free, BSE free, and come from RSPO certified producers.