Hydrogenated Tallow Glyceride

Chemical Name:
Hydrogenated Tallow Glycerides
  • Uses & Applications

    Lubricants and Greases: Viscosity Modifier, Lubricity Additive

    CASE: Emulsifier in Water-Based Adhesives

    Food and Beverage: Softening Agent

    Metal Working Fluids: Emulsifier, Viscosity Modifier and Lubricity Additive Used in Wire Drawing and other Metal Working Fluids

    Textiles: Sizing Agent, Thread Lubricant, Fabric Conditioner

    Waxes: Viscosity Modifier in Waxes, Buffing and Polishing Compounds

  • Grades and Forms Available

    Flake, Non-Deodorized

  • Packaging

    Bags, Liquid Bulk

  • Shelf Life

    Two Years from Date of Manufacture when stored according to MSDS recommendations

  • INCI Name

    Hydrogenated Tallow Glyceride

Sales Specifications of Hydrogenated Tallow Glyceride 60N Non-Deodorized Flakes / Liquid<

ParametersSpecificationsTest Methods
Free Fatty Acids % 1.25 max
Iodine Value 1.0 max
Lovibond 5.25″ Red 1 max
Lovibond 5.25″ Yellow 10 max
Melting Point, °C 60 Typical
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