Acme-Hardesty Announces New Partnership with Botaneco for Personal Care Ingredients

Acme-Hardesty has signed a letter of intent to enter into a distribution agreement with Botaneco, an innovative natural ingredient manufacturer in the personal care industry. Acme-Hardesty will be Botaneco’s channel partner for the personal care market on the East Coast, Southeast, and Midwest.



Botaneco utilizes novel plant-based separation and purification technology to naturally isolate oilseeds, creating innovative, value-added natural ingredients. ”Through a sustainable process, we isolate natural, multifunctional ingredients from oilseeds that enhance the performance of your personal care products,” says James Szarko, President & CEO of Botaneco. Ingredients are sourced from sustainable safflower crops and have not been altered or chemically modified, offering natural options from natural processes for personal care and cosmetic formulations.


“We are enthusiastic about our partnership with a company who shares our passion for sustainability and natural ingredients,” commented Jeff Kenton, President of Acme-Hardesty. “Our mutual culture of integrity and innovation make Botaneco a perfect partner for Acme-Hardesty.”


“Both companies are working on the premise that formulators and marketers will further utilize sustainable ingredients in personal care if they are proven to deliver extra performance and functionality in skin, sun and hair care formulas,” added Szarko, “As partners, Botaneco and Acme-Hardesty will work together to educate and demonstrate how certain components of sustainable seed oils, such as oleosomes, help to advance the performance and functionality of formulations, often far beyond the expectations of formulators.”




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