AHCOHOL 1098 (Decyl Alcohol)

CAS# 112-30-1
  • Product Details & Information

    Decyl alcohol — alternately referred to as capric alcohol, 1-decanol, C10 alcohol and other names — is a straight-chain fatty alcohol often used in the manufacture of various plasticizers, lubricants, surfactants and solvents. It is derived primarily from natural sources, including palm oil and coconut oil.

    Acme-Hardesty decyl alcohol is GMO-, tree nut-, peanut- and gluten-free. It is certified kosher, registered for REACH and contains no residual solvents. Use it in a wide range of industrial applications, including any process in which maximum purity is required.

    Characteristics and Potential Applications

    Acme-Hardesty decyl alcohol is a colorless liquid with a strong odor. It has a maximum acid value of 0.1 and a saponification value of 0.5, as tested to ACOS standards.

    In addition to the uses noted above, decyl alcohol is often employed as an anti-foaming fixative agent for perfumes, deodorants and personal care products. It is FDA-approved as a flavoring for use in certain foods, and it can also be used safely in cosmetic products.

    For more information about potential applications for decyl alcohol, contact Acme-Hardesty.

    Handling Instructions and Precautions

    Decyl alcohol is a mild skin and eye irritant that should be handled using proper protective gloves and eyewear. Drums or tanks can be safely transported and stored at ambient temperatures. It is combustible, with a flash point between 107 and 110°C, and you should keep it away from open flames at all times. Suitable extinguishing materials include carbon dioxide, foam, powder and aqueous film forming foams.

    For detailed specifications and other important information, download the decyl alcohol product specs and MSDS. You can also contact Acme-Hardesty to speak with one of our sales team members.

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Sales Specifications of AHCOHOL 1098

ParametersSpecificationsTest Methods
Appearance Colorless Liquid to White Solid AOCS Ea 9-65
Acid Value 0.1 max AOCS Te 2a-64
Saponification Value 0.5 max AOCS Tl 1a-64
Iodine Value 0.1 max AOCS Tg 1-64
Hydroxyl Value 345 – 356 AOCS Cd 13-60
Color APHA 10 max Vendor
Moisture, % 0.2 max AOCS Tb 2-64
Fatty Alcohol Composition, %
C8 2 max By GC Analysis
C10 98 min By GC Analysis
C12 2 max By GC Analysis
Specs & MSDS of AHCOHOL 1098