SharoSENSE – New Preservatives from Sharon Laboratories

Acme-Hardesty is pleased to introduce and promote SharoSENSE, the new line of preservative solutions from Sharon Laboratories. SharoSENSE is a bridge between synthetic and natural, bringing the best from nature with the safety, quality and consistency of a lab. This line offers globally accepted and highly active preservative blends, providing an innovative solution for the […]

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Why Food & Beverage Manufacturers Must Be Concerned With Feeding the World Responsibly

With an increasing concern for sustainable sourcing and sustainable food production, food and beverage manufacturers must be aware of the drivers of change in the industry. Recent studies suggest that the food industry lags behind regarding environmental performance, primarily because of its significant impact on the environment and the fact that food supply accounts for […]

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The Increasing Demand for Bio-Based Solvents

Green solvents are made from beat, sugars, corn and other products. Bio-based solvents act as a replacement for crude oil-based solvents and are just as effective, while also being safe. Thanks to their higher boiling point, low toxicity, recyclability, low miscibility and other features that crude oil-based solvents don’t have, sustainable solvents are getting a […]

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8 Little Known Uses for Sustainable Polyurethane

Bio-based polyurethane can be used for many applications, thanks in part to its flexibility and durability. Like all polyurethane, sustainable polyurethane can be used for: Construction. The construction industry has long relied on polyurethane for insulation, structural elements, building components and more. As consumers get more interested in green and environmentally sustainable products, green polyurethane […]

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The Importance of Biodegradable Lubricants

In machine shops and auto body shops, green lubricants are one way to create more sustainable services for customers. Bio-based lubricants are an alternative to mineral-based lubricants, and they offer a number of advantages: Sustainable lubricants reduce the risk of skin irritation. Mineral-based lubricants produce oil mist that introduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the […]

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Green Cosmetics: The Push for Sustainable Beauty

A combination of increased public interest and market trends in the cosmetic industry has led to cosmetics manufacturers seeking more natural and sustainable cosmetic emulsifiers and other products. As public interest in the health benefits of green personal care materials continues to climb, manufacturers supporting the trend are finding numerous benefits to sustainable beauty products […]

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