Triethyl Citrate

Inci Name:

Triethyl citrate.

Chemical Name:
Triethyl Citrate

Lighter and smoother than fatty acids and alcohols, triethyl citrate is a vital ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products. EnSense Silk TEC is Acme-Hardesty’s formulation of this versatile ester, and it offers significant enhancement of the sensory elements and performance of these products.

Produced when citric acid ferments with ethanol, triethyl citrate is an odorless, colorless liquid that functions as a barrier and stabilizer. In personal care product formulations, EnSense Silk TEC, or triethyl citrate, uses include moisturization enhancement, improved lubricity, reduced soaping effect and general softening and smoothing. This valuable ester is also used to stabilize perfumes and create films such as hairspray.

Acme-Hardesty is passionate about providing eco-friendly oleochemicals from the best suppliers around the world. Our EnSense Silk TEC is derived from natural sources, is readily biodegradable and does not bioaccumulate. This product also contains zero pollutants or regulated hazardous substances with occupational exposure limits.

Uses & Applications

Gentle enough to be used in baby products, triethyl citrate is a common component in products ranging from makeup to detergents to hair dyes. As one of the leading triethyl citrate suppliers in the United States, Acme-Hardesty has formulated EnSense Silk TEC to serve as an excellent solubilizer and agent of pigment dispersion.

With high polarity and spreading value, this adaptable emollient suits a wealth of hair and skincare applications. Triethyl citrate is frequently used in dyes and cosmetic formulas to ensure even distribution and suspension of pigments. Manufacturers of long-wear cosmetics find this ester particularly valuable due to its ability to combine a moisturizing feel with a lasting color application.

We have designed EnSense Silk TEC to be tolerated by a variety of skin types, so it works well in facial moisturizers and other mild creams that need to spread evenly over delicate skin. Gentle formulations can even be applied to the eye area or to mucous membranes and can be readily incorporated into topical creams for young children.

Citric acid esters are also natural inhibitors of odor-causing bacteria, making triethyl citrate a key ingredient in many antiperspirants. Choosing a natural ester such as EnSense Silk TEC allows you to create natural, functional deodorants for eco-conscious consumers.

With its natural smoothing ability, EnSense Silk TEC is ideal for a variety of creams, lotions and solids that need to spread easily while remaining stable.

Product Details

EnSense Silk TEC is a versatile liquid suitable for combination with other ingredients. Currently available in FGK grade.

EnSense Silk TEC ships in cans or drums according to order size. Triethyl citrate is not considered a hazardous material for DOT shipping. This material should be stored in its original container and remain sealed until ready for use. Place containers in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation, away from oxidizing agents and ignition sources.

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