BIOSECUR® Organic Personal Care C160S

  • Product Details & Information

    A combination of citrus extracts with certified organic vegetable glycerin for those seeking natural, organic antibacterial protection for cosmetic products. Biosecur is active at low concentrations, effective over a wide range of pH and can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for both rinse-off and leave-on products

  • Uses & Applications

    Cosmetics: A natural antibacterial preservative offering protection against both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria

  • Grades and Forms Available


  • Packaging

    1, 10 and 20KG Cans

  • Shelf Life

    Three Years from Date of Manufacture when stored according to MSDS recommendations

  • INCI Name

    Citrus Extract

Sales Specifications of BIOSECUR® Organic Personal Care C160S

ParametersSpecificationsTest Methods
Color Honey Color Visual
Appearance Viscious crysaline liquid Visual
Taste Light acid, light sweet and light Organoleptic
Odor Agreeable (light citrus smell) Organoleptic
Boiling Point 226ºF – 108ºC Internal method
Volatility Non-volatile Internal method
Solubility in water/glycerol/ethanol 100% Soluble Internal method
Density at 25ºC 1,11 g/ml to 1,22 g/ml Pyconometer
pH Between 2.0 to 3.5 Internal Method
Batch to batch consistency Identity test report HPLC identity
Specs & MSDS of BIOSECUR® Organic Personal Care C320C
Specs & MSDS of BIOSECUR® Organic Personal Care C160S