2-Octanol 99%

Chemical Name:
Capryl Alcohol or 1-Methyl-1-Heptanol
  • Product Details & Information

    2-octanol — also known as capryl alcohol, 1-methyl-1-heptanol and methyl hexyl carbinol — is a fatty alcohol that castor oil produces. On its own, it has many uses in manufacturing and food and beverage production, as well as several other applications.

    Sustainably produced and a minimum 99-percent pure, Acme-Hardesty 2-octanol is the ideal choice for any industrial process. Keep reading to learn more or contact us to place your order today.

  • Uses & Applications

    Applications At-a-Glance

    You can find detailed information about potential uses for our 2-octanol product by following the links on this page to download product literature. Some of the most common industry applications for 2-octanol include:

    As a plasticizing resin for the production of surfactants, emollient esters, pesticides, lubricants and other chemical compounds

    As a flavoring and fragrance agent in foods, perfumes, personal care products and more

    As a defoamer in various industrial processes, including pulp and paper, oil and gas, cement and other applications

    As an environmentally friendly solvent in paints, coatings and adhesives

    2-octanol is our highest-purity-grade capryl alcohol product, making it suitable for a wide range of specialized applications and processes.

  • Grades and Forms Available


  • Packaging

    Drums, Isotanks

  • Shelf Life

    One Year from Date of Manufacture when stored according to MSDS recommendations

    Acme-Hardesty ships 2-octanol in drums or isotanks, and you can safely store it until up to a year after the date of manufacture. A colorless liquid, it is soluble in most organic solvents. To ensure safety when handling 2-octanol, wear proper breathing equipment and avoid contact with eyes and skin. 2-octanol is flammable under certain circumstances, and you should only use it when appropriate extinguishing material is nearby. For detailed precautions, download the 2-octanol MSDS.

    About Acme-Hardesty

    Acme-Hardesty is a leading manufacturer of oleochemicals, with more than 70 years of experience meeting the needs of customers in a broad range of industry verticals. As one of the world’s largest producers of castor oil and its derivatives, we can provide 2-octanaol and other related fatty alcohols for all of your manufacturing and processing needs.

    Submit a quote request online today. We’ll get back to you shortly with answers to all of your questions and a detailed quote for your order.

Sales Specifications of 2-Octanol 99%

ParametersSpecificationsTest Methods
Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Odor Aromatic
Purity (by GC), % 99 min
2-Octanone (by GC), % 1 max
Color APHA 10 max
Acid Value 0.1 max
Moisture (KF), % 0.1 max
Specs & MSDS of 2-Octanol 99%