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Acme-Hardesty offers a wide selection of oleochemicals for use in the manufacturing of various surfactants and detergents. Examples of our surfactants/detergents materials include:

AHCOHOL 1216(Lauryl/Myristyl Alcohol)

AHCOHOL 1216 is a precise mixture of C12 lauryl and C14 myristyl alcohol. Our vegetable-based AHCOHOL 1216 product serves as an intermediate in the manufacturing of detergents and surfactants found in many industrial cleaning products. They also provide enhanced foaming stability in detergents and soaps. We offer AHCOHOL 1216 in liquid and pastille form sold in drums, liquid bulk and bags with a one-year shelf life when stored in accordance with MSDS recommendations.

Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate (DLS)

We feature a palm oil-based DLS material for use as a chemical additive in cosmetics and personal care products. DLS also serves as an effective primary or secondary surfactant in cleaning products due to its excellent emulsifying and cleansing characteristics. Another common DLS application is as a lauryl alcohol-based anionic surfactant. We sell DLS in a 38-percent liquid formula packaged in drums and with a shelf life of one year from the date of manufacture.

Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Hydrogenated castor oil, also known as castor wax, is a hard and somewhat brittle waxy material produced by the combination of pure castor oil and hydrogen. Hydrogenated castor emits no odor and is insoluble in water. One of the many industrial uses of hydrogenated castor oil is as emulsifier in soaps and detergents. Acme-Hardesty features castor wax in powder and flake form sold in bags and super-sacks. The shelf life of hydrogenated castor oil is two years from the date of manufacture.

Palmitic Acid (C6)

Palmitic acid is a vegetable-based fatty acid derived from palm oil. Palmitic acid may be produced in liquid or solid form, although the liquid version is most common in industrial manufacturing applications. Palmitic acid uses include anionic and nonionic surfactants as well as an intermediate in soaps and detergents.

Our palmitic acid is 98-percent pure, although we offer a 95-percent pure formula as well. We offer palmitic acid for sale as flakes, beads and liquid formulas in a wide range of packaging options including bags, super-sacks, bulk tank trucks and many others.

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