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Product:Methyl 12-Hydroxy Stearate

Methyl 12-Hydroxy Stearate is used primarily in the production of lubricating greases because of its unique characteristics.
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More information on Methyl 12-Hydroxy Stearate

Acme-Hardesty Co. is one of the oldest and largest importers and distributors of Castor Oil in the US today, carrying a full line of Castor Oil Derivatives such as Methyl-12-Hydroxy Stearate. Whether you need a pallet of HCO, an isotank of Ricinoleic Acid, or a full truckload of Methyl 12-Hydroxy Stearate, we’re your experienced and reliable source. Our Methyl 12 HS is produced by the esterification of 12 Hydroxystearic Acid with Methanol. It has been the favored thickener of lithium and other specialty lubricating greases for over 20 years, a testament to the unique qualities of Castor Oil from which it is derived.

Chemical Name: Methyl Ester of 12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid

CAS #: 141-23-1

Shelf Life when Stored According to MSDS Recommendations: Two Years from Date of Manufacture

Uses and Applications by Category

  • Lubricants and Greases: Improves Stability and Consistency in a Wide Range of Temperatures and Extends the Life of the Lubricant
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